Tom Edison Peña - Lightning Kali Combatives At Seal Martial Arts

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Tom Edison Peña is coming to teach a seminar at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo on the 20th of July 2024.

Tom is one of the best FMA instructors in the UK if not the best so this is an excellent opportunity to train with a true master of the art.

The seminar will be hosted at:

Seal Martial Arts
Studio 3
Impact Dance Studios
Mill Road
CV21 1AA

The seminar will be running from 10am - 5pm and the cost for the full days training is £40 per person.

As an additional bonus we will provide you with an embroidered LKC polo shirt to wear at the seminar.

Please bring training weapons but leave live bladed (Sharp) weapons at home as they won’t be needed. I repeat DO NOT bring real knives or sharp weapons to the seminar it will not be tolerated.

Tom will be covering:

Empty Hand Vs Knife
Dos Navajas (Twin Blades)
Espada Y Daga (Machete & Knife)
Bigay Tama

And much more! Book your space today as tickets will sell fast for this amazing seminar with a world class FMA master!