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Our selection of membership packages for new members of SKT

1. Basic Package - £20 - Annual Membership, Membership Card

2. Primary Package - £29.99 - Annual Membership Card, Shurikenjutsu Manual, Free Month Of Lessons

3. Advanced Package - £39.99 - Annual Membership Card, SKT T-shirt, Shurikenjutsu Manual, Free Month Of Lessons.

4. Premium Package - £59.99 - Annual Membership Card, SKT T-shirt, SKT Hoodie, Shurikenjutsu Manual, Free Month Of Lessons

5. Unlimited - £79.99 - SKT and Seal Martial Arts Lessons, Annul Membership Card, Uniform And Belt, SKT T-shirt, SKT Hoodie, Both Manuals, Free Month Of Lessons.

After your month of free lessons you are required to sign up for monthly lesson fees.

What do you receive for your membership: 

  • Exclusive access to documentation (Risk assessments, scorecards, etc.)
  • Trade discount on club merchandise (T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, etc.)
  • Access to our throwing ranges.
  • A copy of the Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu Manual.
  • Advice on running your own Shurkenjutsu club.
  • Access to purchase Bo Shuriken 
  • The ability to rank in our system.
  • Access to our design service (Instructors only)
  • A listing on our website as one of our approved clubs (Instructors only)
  • Access to exclusive promotional offers and discounts on throwing knives and tomahawks.

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You can sign up to the payment system for monthly lesson fees via the links below:


Basic Package - 1 Lesson a week


Standard Package - 2 Lessons a week


Advanced Package - 3 Lessons a week


Unlimited Package - Unlimited lessons a week