Adult Kunaijutsu Course

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Are you interested in learning a new weapons system to add to your martial arts school?

Always wanted to learn how to use weapons but don’t want to do all the martial arts training that comes with it?

Want to be able to teach a packaged system that just focuses on one weapon? 

Then our Adult Kunai (Trowel) Course is for you!

On my course you will study our style of Seal Martial Arts Kunaijutsu which is based on Kukishin Ryu (9 Demon Gods School) as taught by various lineages in Japan.

We break the system into 4 levels for easy study:

Level 1 - Kamae - Stances

Level 2 - Juppo Sessho No Sanshin  

Level 3 - Kakushi Buki  - Hidden Weapons

Level 4 - Juppo Sessho No Waza - Forms

The course will be hosted at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo, Impact Dance Studios, Mill Road, Rugby, CV21 1AA.

This is a 5 day intensive course specifically focused on the practical use of the Kunai.

Upon completion the student will receive a certificate of completion and certification to teach Seal Martial Arts Kunaijutsu as a standalone system to beginners.

Book your place today!

Private booking are also available if you would like me to come to you to host the course. Minimum 10 paying attendees. Contact me for more info on 07901758353 or alternatively email


All course fees are non refundable. This is a week long intensive course to enable you to teach a Kunaijutsu study group, You will still be required to be overseen by Seal Martial Arts. Additional training and Kunaijutsu license renewal are part of the agreement between yourself and Seal Martial Arts. By this we mean we would expect you to undertake additional training with us every 3 years to uphold standards and continuity in the style and while we are happy for you to call your club/study group whatever you want you will maintain your connection with the Seal Martial Arts Kunaijutsu system. All of these details will be covered upon completion of the course.