Adult Black Belt Course

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Our Adult Instructor Programme is for students who really want to commit to becoming a martial arts instructor!

This is not a black belt in the Ninjutsu or FMA but the Seal Martial Arts system which is a combination of both! 

What are the benefits to joining the Adult Instructor Programme?

You make a one off payment of £2100 and we will guide you all the way to black belt within 3 years. If it takes longer you don’t pay a penny more. All grading fees, belts and certificates are also included in the one off payment. Doesn’t include seminars.

We will also include:

  • Uniform
  • Belt
  • Patch
  • Syllabus
  • Membership Cards
  • Participant to Participant Insurance 
  • Foam Nunchaku
  • Bokken (Wooden Training Sword)
  • Plastic Saya (Sheath)
  • Bo (Staff)
  • Bo Bag

All we require from you is that you attend at least two lessons a week within a 3 year period (Not including holidays). 

There are so many benefits to training in Martial Arts such as:

  • Increased confidence
  • Improved fitness
  • Develop agility
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn how to use EDC
  • Learn about the law
  • Become more observant
  • Learn practical self defence
  • Learn tactics and strategies to stay safe
  • And so much more!

As well as the students learning practical self defence we also teach them the basics of using some iconic traditional weapons such as the Baton (Stick), Nunchaku, Bo (Staff), Bokken (Sword) and Shuriken (Projectiles).

Training in martial arts can literally transform your life, we have seen it countless times in the dojo so don’t miss this opportunity to get your space booked today!

Once you have completed training we can also offer advice and guidance on how to start your own Seal Martial Arts Dojo. That’s a separate discussion for another time though.

We look forward to seeing you in the dojo!

This fee is non refundable and subject to a contractual agreement that we will get you to sign in person at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo. You have 14 days from the moment of making payment to change your mind at which point the contract is fully in affect. The total refunded amount may differ due to transaction fees upon purchase.