Some Scenarios For Scenario Based Training

Some Scenarios For Scenario Based Training

Some Scenario based training ideas for in the dojo Some.of the students have been asking me to host some more of this kind of training applying combatives principles which I'm more than happy to do obviously.

We also have the combat roulette which you just print off, chuck a coin down and practice the scenario it land on. A useful bit of kit if you ask me.

Anyway here are some different scenarios to apply to your training:

Street Altercation:
Scenario: A stranger approaches aggressively, demanding money or valuables.
Focus: Verbal de-escalation, maintaining distance, and employing striking techniques if necessary.

Parking Lot Assault:
Scenario: Attacked from behind while walking to the car.
Focus: Reacting to surprise attacks, defending against grabs or holds, and creating space to counter-attack.

Home Invasion:
Scenario: Confronted by an intruder inside the home.
Focus: Defending against armed or unarmed attackers, protecting oneself and others, and using the environment to gain advantage.

Close Quarters:
Scenario: Confrontation in a crowded space like a subway or elevator.
Focus: Maneuvering in tight spaces, utilizing strikes and joint locks effectively, and avoiding escalation in confined environments.

Multiple Attackers:
Scenario: Being surrounded or approached by multiple assailants.
Focus: Prioritizing threats, maintaining situational awareness, and using quick, decisive movements to neutralize attackers one by one.

Armed Assault:
Scenario: Facing an attacker wielding a weapon (knife, bat, etc.).
Focus: Disarming techniques, creating distance, and using improvised weapons for self-defense.

Domestic Violence Intervention:
Scenario: Witnessing a physical altercation between acquaintances or strangers.
Focus: Safely intervening to stop the violence, protecting the victim, and controlling the aggressor without escalating the situation.