Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu

Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu

Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu is our Shuriken, Knife and Tomahawk throwing organisation that was previously called Shinobi Shurikenjutsu.

After much deliberation I decided to close Shinobi Shurikenjutsu towards the end of 2022 in order to rebrand the association and incorporate it into the Seal Martial Arts Dojo.

Primarily this was because it was getting too complicated running the Seal Martial Arts Dojo, Ningu and Shinobi Shurikenjutsu and I had a lot going on in my personal life which meant I could not dedicate the time into Ningu and Shinobi Shurikenjutsu to push them forwards in the necessary way.

Now that things are improving and summer is just around the corner it's time to relaunch the Shuriken, knife and axe throwing club in the Seal Martial Arts Dojo!

So what has changed since we were called Shinobi Shurikenjutsu?

We are now Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu and part of the Seal Martial Arts Dojo as after all Shurikenjutsu is a martial art in it's own right. This means all membership cards come from the Seal Martial Arts Dojo and membership to Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu is £20 per year. 

What do you get as a member of Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu?

  • Exclusive access to documentation (Risk assessments, scorecards, etc.)
  • Trade discount on club merchandise (T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, etc.)
  • Access to our throwing ranges.
  • A copy of the Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu Manual.
  • Advice on running your own Shurkenjutsu club.
  • Access to purchase Bo Shuriken 
  • The ability to rank in our system.
  • Access to our design service
  • A listing on our website as one of our approved clubs (Instructors only)
  • Access to exclusive promotional offers and discounts on throwing knives and tomahawks.

We do not sell Hira Shuriken (Throwing Stars) or allow them on the ranges, I know the law regarding Shuriken is stupid but it is still the law and must be abided by. We do sell Bo Shuriken (Spikes), Throwing Knives and Tomahawks which are available in the Seal Martial Arts Armoury section of the website or upon request. 


We will once again be opening the ranges now that the evenings are getting brighter and will establish a regular weekly lesson for throwers in the Rugby area. We will also look at setting up a Shurikenjutsu competition in the local area testing throwers accuracy, speed and throwing distance 

For example we would have 3 categories for throwers (Shuriken, 12" throwing knives, Norse Hawks) and all the competitors would start at a distance of 3 metres. In pairs the throwers would compete to get the highest score with 3 Shuriken, Knives or Tomahawks in 3 rounds at distances of 3m, 5m, 7m. The highest scoring thrower progresses to the next round and the lower scoring thrower is eliminated. The highest scoring throwers from the pairs then compete against each other until there are only two throwers left in the competition. We would use the 5 zone scoring system for simplicity and the winner is the thrower that gets the most consistent grouping in the bullseye. Knives that bounce off of the target or that don't stick properly do not count towards the total

We will provide competition equipment such as Meifu Shinkage Ryu Bo Shuriken, Cold Steel Sure Flight Throwing Knives, Cold Steel Norse Hawks or you may use your own throwing equipment but it must conform to our rules and regulations.

Throwers can use any throwing style when throwing in a our competition such as rotation throwing, half spin throwing, no spin throwing, no reload no spin whatever you feel is your most consistent technique.

The winner will be awarded with a prize such as a set of throwing knives or tomahawks but we won't offer cash prizes for competitions as it's about having fun and enjoying the art.

In Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu we will be teaching a combination of western knife and tomahawk throwing and traditional Japanese Togakure Ryu Shurikenjutsu so we will predominantly teach rotation throwing, half spin throwing, no spin throwing and no reload no spin in the dojo. I know other knife throwing techniques are available but these are the ones we will be focusing on.

There is a wealth of knowledge in Shurikenjutsu which often isn't explored in western knife throwing organisations such as KATTA as we want the students to develop the ability to throw in a natural way from any position. Such as rolling and throwing, throwing around obstacles, throwing while laying dow, etc.

The predominant throwing technique in Shurikenjutsu is no spin throwing as it's the most practical technique for self defence. There are too many variables with rotation throwing and half spin throwing making them good for sports throwing when you and the target are static but not so good should your target move. This is down to the distances needed to allow the knife to rotate whereas no spin just drives the Shuriken into the target regardless of the distance provided that you throw it correctly with enough force.

Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu also has an outlined rank structure for students that want to qualify as Shuriken, Knife and Tomahawk throwing instructors. We feel this is necessary in our art as currently there isn't really any requirement or experience needed to open your own knife and axe throwing club. There are associations such as KATTA but even they have very low quality control. Our requirements for becoming a qualified instructor are outlined below:

For the sake of simplicity and not having a logo that takes up half of the T-shirt we will use the name SKT (Shuriken, Knife and Tomahawk Throwing) for the club. We think it looks awesome while still being part of the Seal Martial Arts Dojo:

That's about everything that's changed since we were Shinobi Shurikenjutsu, We have overhauled the way that the club will operate and look forwards to getting on with some throwing in the coming months.