Shinken Tournament 2024

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The Shinken Tournament 2024 is a martial arts tournament being hosted by Seal Martial Arts in Rugby, Warwickshire on the 2nd of June 2024!

We will focus on three main areas:

Points Sparring
3 minute rounds x 3
Divided by weight class, gender and age group.

Submission Sparring
2 minute rounds x 3 (or until submission)
Divided by weight class, gender and age group

Weapons Forms
Demonstrations (Approximately 3 mins)
Open but divided by age (Adults and Juniors)

Weapons being assessed:

Bo (Staff)
Nunchaku (Flail)
Katana (Long Sword)
Yari (Spear)
Kama (Sickle)
Sai (Forks/Rock Breakers)
Juhyō (Rope Dart)
Doble Baston (Double Sticks)

Registration to compete is £15 per person

Tickets to spectate are £10 per person

When you register please provide your weight in pounds (For example 120lbs) and your age and we will match you with someone in your category. You will be weighed before fighting in the tournament so no cheating. All performance enhancing substances are also banned just in case anyone gets any ideas and you will be instantly disqualified. 

Once you have registered please send your order number, weight and age to and you will be matched with an opponent.

Make sure you are all fight ready and training hard as you only have 6 months to prepare.