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Empower yourself with practical self defence skills designed specifically for women at Seal Martial Arts Dojo in Rugby, Warwickshire. Under the expert guidance of Ellie Lewis, our Kunoichi classes provide a unique and effective approach to personal safety and self confidence.

Ellie Lewis, the esteemed Soto Deshi of Sensei Jamie Seal (8th Dan), brings years of extensive training in Kobudō and Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) to her teaching. Her Kunoichi lessons are meticulously crafted to address real world scenarios, utilising everyday objects as force multipliers to enhance your defensive capabilities.

Join us at Seal Martial Arts Dojo and become part of a supportive community where women can learn to protect themselves with confidence. Whether you're looking to build strength, improve awareness or gain practical self defence skills, Ellie’s Kunoichi classes are the perfect fit.

Transform your everyday items into tools of empowerment and master the art of self defence with Seal Martial Arts Ladies Only (Kunoichi) Lessons. Secure your spot today and take the first step towards becoming a stronger, more confident you.

Our current membership offer is your first lesson is free and then upon signing up as a member we provide a Seal Martial Arts embroidered t-shirt, trousers, belt, gym sack, syllabus and the first month of lessons is included FREE! 

You can sign up to the payment system for monthly lesson fees via the links below:

Basic Package - 1 Lesson a week