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Buy sweets in the dojo! 🍭🍬🍫

£1 a pick & mix bag!

This should give the Shadow Warriors students some energy for training! 😂

The bags will contain:

🍓 Fizzy Strawberry Belts
🍓 Juicy Berries
💍 Giant Dummies
🐢 Terrific Turtles
🍓 Strawberry Puffs
💍 Friendship Rings
🐠 Freaky Fish
🐍 Yellow Belly Snakes
🥤 Fizzy Cola Bottles
🌈 Rainbow Belts
🐻 Gold Bears
❤️ Heart Throbs

Kim will set up a bit of a tuck shop for the students during the lessons and you can pay in cash or by card either is perfectly fine. 🙂

These are for students of the Seal Martial Arts Dojo and can be bought during the kids lessons.

Sweets bags are priced to the current RRP for the individual sweets not weight. Bags are pick & mix so random assortments of various sweets. 

Sweets may contain nuts and/or gelatine.