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Book a private lesson with Sensei Jamie Seal (8th Dan) at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo in Rugby, Warwickshire.

The lesson last for one hour and you can choose the topic you would like to focus on.

We teach a wide array of skills at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo, Such as:

  • Nunchaku
  • Juhyō (Rope Dart)
  • Hanbo (Walking Stick)
  • Shoto / Wakizashi (Short Sword)
  • Kusarifundo (Weighted Chain)
  • Solo Baston (Single Stick)
  • Doble Baston (Double Sticks)
  • Tomahawk
  • Karambit
  • Balisong
  • Rokkushaku Bo (6ft Staff)
  • Yari (Spear)
  • Naginata (Halberd)
  • Tanto (Dagger)
  • Kunai (Trowel)
  • Shuriken (Throwing Spikes)
  • Katana (Long Sword)
  • Jo (4ft Staff)
  • Espada Y Daga (Machete & Knife)
  • Tomahawk Throwing
  • Tactical Flashlight
  • Yawara (Short Stick)
  • Nawa (Rope)
  • Jutte (Truncheon) 
  • Tessen (War Fan)
  • Suemonogiri (Test Cutting)

That’s before we start delving into the individual Ryuha (Schools) such as Kukishin Ryu Hikenjutsu or Togakure Ryu Bikenjutsu. 

We can also cover all aspects of the syllabus such as:

  • Kamae (Stances)
  • Tanren (Fitness)
  • Junan Taiso (Stretching)
  • Taihenjutsu (Body Movement/Rolls)
  • Uke Negashi (Blocks)
  • Ukemi (Breakfalls)
  • Te Hodoki (Wrist Escapes)
  • Tai Hodoki (Body Escapes)
  • Keri Waza (Kicks)
  • Atemi Waza (Striking)
  • Shime Waza (Chokes)
  • Nage Waza (Throws)
  • Gyaku Waza (Locks)
  • Kata (Forms)
  • Various Counters
  • Bypasses
  • Scenario Based Training

And much more!

Book your private lesson today and take your training to the next level!

Email info@sealmartialarts.co.uk to arrange you slot prior to booking. Alternatively WhatsApp 07901758353 for immediate assistance.
Private bookings must be scheduled around the regular weekly lessons, Please refer to the timetable for availability.