Want To Become A Seal Martial Arts Instructor? Here's How!

Want To Become A Seal Martial Arts Instructor? Here's How!

Something we have been thinking about for a while at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo is how to expand our art and get more dojos established in other communities as we do a lot of good here in Rugby, Warwickshire.

At present we have 9 instructors teaching here in the UK in Rugby, Merseyside, Taunton and South Wales and we want to expand even more so we are looking for focused and goal driven individuals in the UK to join the Seal Martial Arts Instructor team! 

You don't need any previous experience just an interest in martial arts and the ability to study and occasionally travel to us for seminars and training events. Obviously we cannot accept anyone with criminal convictions as you would be in a supervisory role and will be required to undertake a mandatory DBS check before being allowed to teach the general public. 

What makes us unique? Seal Martial Arts is specifically focused on teaching 23 traditional weapons systems as well as a comprehensive traditional Japanese martial art (Kobudō). This isn't Okinawan Kobudō seen in arts such as Karate but refers to the fact that we study the old martial ways. Seal Martial Arts Kobudō is also licensed under the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association as a martial arts system in it's own right based on Ninjutsu, FMA and Combatives. We also have our own system of Shurikenjutsu (Seal Martial Arts Shurikenjutsu) where we have combined western knife and tomahawk throwing with traditional Japanese Shurikenjutsu and we are one of the few systems in the UK that can certify you as a legitimate Shurikenjutsu Instructor so that you can obtain insurance. We can also train you in the use of live bladed weaponry when you have sufficient experience and we are the only martial art school in Rugby qualified and insured to do this. 

When you become one of our instructors you will be expected to attend an intensive training event to get you up to speed with the basics and how to properly structure and run a martial arts class. Your training in our art will also begin and you will be taught all of the fundamental techniques needed to get started. We can't promise it will be easy or that you will be ready to teach straight away after attending the intensive training event but we will give you the tools to get started on your journey. 

You will then receive personal mentoring from Sensei Jamie Seal (8th Dan) to help you set up your classes and we also host instructor training at 14:00 every Saturday at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo in Rugby so that you can master new techniques and show them to your students.

We can show you all the systems and processes needed to make your martial arts school a success you just have to put the work in and to be responsible for the reputation of your school and in turn how big you want to grow. After all no one is as invested in your business as you are!

Once you are up and running you get the added benefit and support of continued training, access to our huge library of study materials, access to our seminars with some of the best martial arts instructors in the UK and the support of a growing community of instructors doing exactly the same thing as you.

There is also the added benefit of potentially earning an additional £10000+ a year for teaching a few hours a week. You could make a lot more but you are responsible for your own success and how big you grow your dojo. 

Obviously we are not offering all of this for free. You are getting personal mentoring from Sensei Jamie Seal (8th Dan), access to our growing community or instructors, advice to ensure you are up to the highest industry standards in the UK, access to our online portal to help you study, your uniform and everything needed to get started with your training, access to our seminars with some of the best instructors in the UK, online webinars to discuss your progress with other instructors and access to continued training and support at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo in Rugby, Warwickshire. 

We can also provide access to an online shop for your dojo to purchase custom made embroidered clothing and all the equipment you might need for your students. We make everything to order and ship it out directly which saves you the hassle of having to sort through piles of clothing trying to find the right sizes for your students.

All we ask for access to all of this and the opportunity to become one of our successful martial arts instructors in the UK is that you conform to the same rules and regulations as the other students which are set by Sensei Jamie Seal (8th Dan) at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo in Rugby and that you pay your monthly fees and membership fees to be part of our organisation. There will also be a one time fee of £200 to cover the intensive instructor training event which will be hosted at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo in Rugby, Warwickshire in January 2024.

Register your interest today by emailing info@sealmartialarts.co.uk or by calling/texting 07901758353 and we will get you booked in to start your journey to become a master martial artist with Seal Martial Arts!