Shinobi Shurikenjutsu

Shinobi Shurikenjutsu

Recently we have been setting up a standalone Shurikenjutsu club called Shinobi Shurikenjutsu which launches today! (Thursday 5th September)

Now this really isn’t as simple as you might expect, there has been so much paperwork to sort out to ensure we are operating to the industry standard that it’s taken me about a week to sort everything out.

So what is Shinobi Shurikenjutsu? Shinobi Shurikenjutsu is a throwing club completely separate from the Rugby Ninjutsu Dojo to provide a platform for everyone to come along and give Knife, Axe and Bo Shuriken (Spike) throwing a go!

Students of the Rugby Ninjutsu Dojo already practice Shurikenjutsu as part of their training but aside from that it’s great fun! Looking at the various throwing techniques is an art form in itself and the sense of achievement you get when smashing an axe you threw into a log round for the first time is indescribable!

What we are endeavouring to achieve with Shinobi Shurikenjutsu is to bring the western styles of Knife, axe and tomahawk throwing and Japanese Shurikenjutsu together to form a fully comprehensive throwing art that covers all areas of using thrown projectile weapons. This is all done under the supervision of fully qualified and insured instructors with all equipment provided.

It’s important to point out that Knife, Axe and Shuriken throwing is dangerous you should only practice under the supervision of a rangemaster.

We do not teach the use of Hira Shuriken or Ninja stars, they are not legal in the UK and subsequently are not permitted on our ranges at any time! The same goes for throwing knives, bladed knives are not allowed and only Cold Steel, United Cutlery and professional grade throwing knives are permitted on the ranges. Axes and tomahawks with a rear spike are not allowed on the ranges either.

You get the idea, safety is paramount on the ranges! Rule number 1 is “Safety, Safety, Safety”.

The Safety Rules are as follows:

It’s highly unlikely that you will sustain any sort of injury if these rules are adhered to.

The key thing is never to throw when anybody is down the range collecting knives, always wait until everybody has finished throwing and collect your knives together as a group. Getting hit by an axe is never a good idea!

Due to the nature of Shurikenjutsu we don’t allow anyone under the age of 18 to throw at the club without a parent who’s an existing member, young people can throw axes and tomahawks but knives are off limits.

That’s all the boring legal stuff out of the way. The main thing is that Shinobi Shurikenjutsu is a club for anyone in Rugby who wishes to give throwing a try, it’s great fun and extremely safe when practiced correctly but their is the potential for a fairly serious injury if your an idiot around the equipment.

When it comes to the club itself we are not getting involved in the politics in the wider community, Our Shurikenjutsu comes from Togakure Ryu Ninpo and out western knife and axe throwing techniques from circus and performance throwing. Our technique in short is rotation throwing, half spin and no spin throwing with various aspects of traditional Japanese Shurikenjutsu which incorporates using the body and weapon as one (Ken Tai Ichi Jo) and Tai Sabaki (Footwork) to generate the momentum for the throw from the body. This will be explained in more detail during the lessons.

Lessons are held at Warwickshire College on Thursday evenings 18:30-20:30 to the left of the astroturf. The reason we are located behind the main building is that there is only one point of entry to the ranges. It’s important that safety is in mind at all times!

So who will be teaching the lessons?

The main instructors for Shinobi Shurikenjutsu are Jamie Seal, Kimberley Thomas and Michael Crane. There are no other authorised instructors under Shinobi Shurikenjutsu although instructor training is available. Contact us for more information. (

The instructors all focus on specific throwing techniques although it’s important to have thorough understand of all the throwing styles. Jamie focuses specifically on no spin throwing and Japanese half spin, Michael on rotation and western half spin, Kimberley on rotation throwing.

Students will find that they prefer a certain style of throwing and as they progress will find their preferred throwing knives, tomahawks and bo shuriken. Personal throwing equipment is permitted on the ranges provided that the student has the relevant throwing experience and has obtained permission from the instructor to use it on the ranges. Personal equipment must conform to our rules and regulations.

This will be explained in more detail during the lessons.