Koga Ryu Juji

Koga Ryu Juji

The Koga Ryu Juji Shuriken is possibly one of the most iconic Ninja symbols in popular culture and anime and for good reason.

The Koga Ryu Juji is an excellent all round Hira Shuriken which is reliable, has good penetration on the target and is stable during flight once thrown due to it being equally balanced.

Koga Ryu Juji were actually the first Hira Shuriken I ever came across when I first started training and they are excellent for beginners.

They were not exclusively used by The Koga Ninja but also the closely related Iga Ryu Ninja as well, the two families were possibly the most famous and influential Ninja families of medieval Japan and gained notoriety during the Sengoku Jidai (Warring States c. 1467 – 1603) period with prominent Ninja like Hanzo Hattori.

When you first start training in Shurikenjutsu Togakure Ryu Senban are usually the first Hira Shuriken you encounter but Koga Ryu Juji are equally suitable, perhaps even a little better that Togakure Ryu Senban.

They can have a hole in the centre of the Shuriken with some Koga Ryu Juji and others without hole but they are much the same really, it perhaps slightly effects the Shuriken over a distance but not at a relevant effective range to the target.

The specifications for Koga Ryu Juji are as follows;

Length – Point to Point: 12.8cm

Width: 2.7cm at base

Thickness: 2mm

Type: Juji (Cross)

Material: Steel / Tempered Steel

In conclusion the Koga Ryu Juji Shuriken are one of the better Hira Shuriken on the market, They have a great geometric design overall, good penetration on the target and the weight and balance of the Shuriken keep them on a straight trajectory to the target once thrown. The only Hira Shuriken I have encountered with better penetration capabilities than the Koga Ryu Juji are Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Juji due to their increased weight and needle sharp tips.