January 2020 in the Seal Martial Arts Dojo

January 2020 in the Seal Martial Arts Dojo

We are officially back in the dojo this week with lessons restarting for the Real Mini Ninjas at 5pm on the 7th of January!

We hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you all back in the dojo! It’s been an eventful few weeks whilst we have been closed and we have implemented several changes for 2020!

Firstly and one that every student will be aware of already is that we increased the price of monthly lesson fees slightly to accurately represent the time the different groups spend training in the dojo. The adult classes run for two hours a lesson in comparison to one hour for the Real Mini Ninjas and Shadow Warriors so it was a necessity.

We have an amazing new offer for members joining in January 2020 where they receive 45% OFF the usual membership fee plus their uniform, syllabus, membership card and the rest of the months lessons FREE! All of that for just £24.99!! The only requirement to be eligible for this offer is to sign up to this newsletter via this link:


This offer is also open to new Shadow Warriors students:


And new Real Mini Ninjas students:


We will also be hosting Ninja vs Mini Ninja lessons at the end of the each month for the parents to get involved with their childs training! This will be a great opportunity to learn some cool tips and tricks to help the Real Mini Ninjas and Shadow Warriors train at home and their is no additional cost to participate, its FREE!


We think this will be a great way to get the parents more involved and give them a chance to have a go and show the Real Mini Ninjas and Shadow Warriors how it’s done!

We will also be hosting Weapons Wednesdays for the Shadow Warriors where we will focus on a specific weapon each month to give the students more of a chance to cover everything in the higher belts of the Shadow Warriors syllabus.

The focus for January is the Katana or sword for Weapons Wednesdays! This is the most relevant for those students who are studying for their orange and black belt or 6th Kyu. We will focus on the core 4 weapons with the Shadow Warriors moving forwards which are the Katana, Bo Staff, Nunchaku and Rubber Senban Shuriken. We want all of the students to understand the 9 cutting lines by the end of January and the techniques outlined in the Shadow Warriors syllabus relating to the basic use of the Katana.

We also have a new beginners course starting in a few days on January the 10th! These courses will be running every month this year to give beginners the chance to get an insight into our art for a few weeks before deciding whether or not to sign up as a member. Limited spaces are available on these courses and the focus will be on the basics.
Course students receive a 4 week course and a FREE Rugby Ninjutsu T-shirt for £39!!
As we are close to the first one we will offer the course for £29.99 with a FREE T-shirt to anyone referred by our current subscribers!

Simply get them to sign up via the link below:

Course starts Friday the 10th of January at Warwickshire College, Rugby.

We have new sets of training Nunchaku in for the Real Mini Ninjas and Shadow Warriors! These are stronger than the previous ones that were available (although they did the job perfectly) so are better for the students as they progress and need some Nunchaku that are more hard wearing. These are available in the Nunchaku section of the Ningu website or can be purchased directly from us in the dojo. Price: £6.99

We had a photoshoot in the Rugby Ninjutsu Dojo to get all of the Kamae listed and compiled into charts to help the students learn them. We have completed the first half of the Kamae charts and will be completing the other half shortly to compile them into a calendar which will be available to purchase. This calendar will cover all of the Kamae for both Taijutsu (Unarmed) and the Buki Waza (Weapons) each month and is an excellent way to memorise all of the Kamae.
Massive thanks to Lana McGill Photography for spending hours photographing each of the Kamae and editing them all to an extremely high standard.

The Rugby Ninjutsu Dojo clothing section of the website is now up and running, you can either access it via the Rugby Ninjutsu website (www.rugbyninjutsu.co.uk) or go directly to the Ningu website (http://ningu.co.uk/product-category/dojo-clothing/) to purchase custom dojo clothing. If you would like the students name added or have any other requests please talk to us in the dojo or send an email upon placing your order.
Uniforms and sparring gear are due to be added to the website shortly.

Finally annual membership fees are due when everyone returns to the dojo this week. We are aware that this is bad timing just after Christmas and New Year but it is a requirement annually and is stimpulated in the membership forms when everybody signs up. The annual membership fee is £29.99 and is payable by everyone except for those members who signed up in the last 3 months of 2019. We have already informed the members who are not required to pay membership for 2020 but please ask if you require clarification.

Lessons resume as usual this week so we look forward to seeing everyone back in the dojo for the start of 2020!!